E3 2011: Prime World mixes free-to-play MMO with Facebook friend interaction


Nival's Prime World is an upcoming free-to-play PC game that allows players a chance to enter a never-ending battle between two warring factions. Prime, the game's currency, is a source of power, magic and overall life on this war torn planet, and your ultimate goal will be to gather as much Prime as possible, to strengthen your own skills and abilities. As there are two different armies in this war, each has their own moral code and way of life. One, a scientific culture, focuses on logic and uses Prime to create new mechanical objects; the other is more spiritual, artistic and free-flowing, using Prime to enhance their magical abilities.

Prime World's gameplay seems two-fold. For one, you can exit the safety of your castle/kingdom and battle members of the opposite army, destroying towers, defeating monsters, and claiming new land for your own (the land physically changes from dry and barren to lush and downright beautiful as you claim it). You'll earn Prime for most actions, and can then spend that prime on new abilities, whether for use in defense, self-growth or offense. The other element shown at our E3 demo was that of city-building, as you create new buildings inside your castle's walls. The major elements of free-to-play MMOs all seem to be present, but where the game becomes a bit different is in its inclusion of Facebook.