DropIn on LinkedIn with its first ever social game


Hey, before you executives get in a tizzy about productivity, professionals need to play too. LinkedIn, the popular social network for businesses and professionals, takes a side on the argument with DropIn. Crafted by LinkedIn technical marketing manager Matthew Shoup in LinkedIn Labs, this is the first social game ever created for the network. In honor of the 27th anniversary of Tetris, Shoup created a Tetris like game, but in place of tetrominoes, Shoup puts the faces of your LinkedIn contacts.

"DropIn takes the classic Tetris experience to a professional level," Shoup wrote on the LinkedIn Blog. "Rotate and stack your LinkedIn connections' faces, while discovering the fresh content they're sharing online. There's never been a more relevant and productive time to play games at work."

Shoup, who had some help from brand user environment design manager Steve Pecko, made the controls identical to just about any Tetris-like game you'd see on a PC. However, the duo also included updates on the faces your crushing beneath one another in a nifty sidebar. Players can click on what their friends are sharing at the moment to see that content as well. If you like DropIn enough to share it, you can post it to Twitter and LinkedIn through a handy button. Now, if only getting that dream gig was as easy as Tetris.

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[Via SocialTimes]

Are you a LinkedIn user that likes to game? Do you think there's an audience for games on LinkedIn, or is this nothing more than a pet project? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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