Dozing for Dollars: Become a Snooze Director

Snooze Director Believe it or not, you can actually get paid for indulging in one of your favorite pass times: dozing off. A mattress chain by the name of Sleepy's, the Mattress Professionals, is looking for a "Snooze Director" who will test mattresses and work on a social media campaign when not napping.

"Between classes, all-nighters and busy social lives, young adults coming out of college are likely to be on the search for slumber after graduation. That's exactly what we're looking for," said Adam Blank, Sleepy's chief operating officer. "We need someone who's happy to hit the hay every day for Sleepy's. Ultimately, their feedback and input will help us to continue delivering a great night's sleep to our customers."

The company is looking for someone to be responsible for testing mattresses in Sleepy's stores, and with 700 stores (primarily on the East Coast), the winning candidate will be getting a lot of shut-eye. The Snooze Director will also be assisting with Sleepy's social media, researching sleep trends and live blogging about his/her experience.

The job posting on CareerBuilder says that it only pays $10.00 per hour and is a part-time gig, but whenever you can get paid for sleeping, it's probably a good deal.

They say the ideal candidate will be creative, enthusiastic and communicative about sleep and must have at least 18 years of sleeping experience. Snoring is permitted -- and even encouraged. Wives are welcome to submit their husbands for consideration.

The really restful can check out the job posting and apply by uploading resumes, comments or videos, demonstrating what makes them a real yawn. Submissions should be accompanied by a brief description highlighting qualifications as an expert in all things sleep-related.

There's no word yet on a deadline, but you probably shouldn't sleep on it. Get your application in ASAP, before the competition has the opportunity to wake up and smell the coffee.

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