Darth Vader Does Disneyland

Darth Vader Disneyland

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Apparently everyone does love Disneyland, even intergalactic supervillians. In this hilarious video, the man in black himself, Darth Vader, visited the happiest place on earth. Of course, he had two storm troopers at his side for protection. But, the deadbeat dad did didn't even bother to bring his kids, Luke and Leia.

In this video, commemorating the opening of the revamped Star Tours, the "Imperial March" takes on a more lighthearted tone as Vader and his goons hit the park's highlights.

The Star Tours ride was closed last year at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland for a refurb, or "reimagining" in Disney speak. The new ride, presented in digital 3-D, takes riders to even more destinations than its previous incarnation.

Meanwhile, back at the park, it almost seems like Vader's having fun on Dumbo, watching the parade go by, or tapping his feet along with the melodies of the enchanted tiki birds. Or maybe that's a look of nausea from too many turns in the teacups? Either way, the storm troopers sure seem to have gotten in the mood by rocking those Mickey Mouse ear hats.

As for Luke and Leia, Obi Wan will probably take them to Disneyland whenever they want.

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