CityVille Movie Poster Contest: Make CityVille go Hollywood for City Cash

CityVille Movie Poster
CityVille Movie Poster

Everyone has had that thought when walking the poster-laden walls of their local cinema, "I could do that." Thanks to Zygna and CityVille, now you pretty much can. The CityVille Movie Poster Contest has kicked off, challenging fans to throw their favorite characters from the city-builder into their very own film poster. And here's the best part: You could get paid for it! (Well, in City Cash at least.) You can use computer software or even draw up a poster, take a picture and include it in the contest forum thread to qualify.

However, the poster must meet certain criteria to qualify, and then it will be graded by the CityVille community team before it decides on 10 posters for the game community to vote on through a survey. First, the poster must mention the word "CityVille" somewhere in the faux movie's title, and the Zynga logo must be found on the poster as well. All entries must be included in this thread by June 23.

After that date, the CityVille team will decide on their 10 favorite posters using this 15-point system:

  • Originality – 5 Points

  • Thematically Appropriate – 5 Points

  • Creativity – 5 Points

Once the team decides on their favorites, the floor will be opened up to you, the players, in a survey. (Zynga's favorite form of engagement, apparently.) If you do make it to the Top 10, you'll be in the running for 300, 200 and 100 City Cash for first, second and third place, respectively. If only these posters would lead to CityVille flicks.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Are you entering the CityVille Movie Poster Contest? What movies would you like to see parodied CityVille-style? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.