Barber Allegedly Bites Customer's Ear -- Almost in Half

barber bites ear Okay, a barber accidentally nicking the ear of a restless client is forgivable. But intentionally biting a chunk out of an ear while arguing about how long the haircut took ... what's up with that?

Could the fact that the hair-cutting establishment was named the Beauty and the Beast Barber Shop have anything to do with it? Might that have forewarned the 24-year-old client that the barber might be a bit unpredictable? It seems the shop is owned by the barber and his wife. She's obviously the beauty.

It all happened in Trenton, N.J., where police reportedly arrested barber James Dillard, 40, after an incident that began when a customer accused him of working too slowly. According to accounts, the two had a heated verbal exchange, then the customer stormed out of the shop, slamming the door so hard that he broke its glass.

An outraged Dillard, who is reported to be a four-time convicted felon, ran outside and confronted the customer, and the two began fighting, this time with more than words. It was then that Dillard allegedly bit the unnamed man's ear almost half off.

The customer was taken to a local hospital for treatment, in a profusion of blood, and with a piece of his ear dangling from his head. He underwent emergency plastic surgery to reattach it.

Meanwhile, Dillard, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, and was released on bail.

Sources with their ears to the ground say the salon did much business over the weekend.

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