Air France Crash Recovery Mission Complete

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The mission to recover debris and bodies from the 2009 Air France crash has been completed, the BBC reports.

A spokesman for relatives of the victims, Philippe Vinogradoff, told the BBC that 104 bodies were pulled from a depth of 12,800 feet and will be taken to a mortuary in France for identification.

The Ile de Sein vessel's operations ended on June 3 is heading back to France, Bloomberg News reports.

The flight, which originated in Rio de Janeiro and was en route to Paris, crashed into the Atlantic within minutes, it was revealed earlier this year.

All 228 people on board Air France flight 447 died. During the initial search for survivors in June 2009, 50 bodies were found.

In May, two bodies were pulled still attached to their plane seats from a depth of 12,800 feet.

Later that same month, the plane's black boxes were found, revealing that the cause of the crash may have been pilot error after the plane slowed down considerably and the crew was faced with an onslaught of automation failures.

On June 1st, 75 more bodies were pulled from the Ocean.

The BEA is due to deliver a full review of the accident this summer, the BBC reports.

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