Zynga hangs on iPhone in Hanging with Friends: Fuhgettabout pen and paper

Hanging with Friends
Hanging with Friends

Your days of filling notebook margins with games of Hangman are over. Zynga released its first original mobile game since Mafia Wars Atlantic City hit mobile devices last year, Hanging with Friends, today. Developed by Texas-based Zynga subsidiary Zynga with Friends, Hanging with Friends is a mobile multiplayer take on the classic two-player puzzle game Hangman.

The game is available now on the Canadian Apple App Store, with a wider release to other regional App Stores coming in the next few days. Players, much like in Newtoy Zynga with Friends' first game, Words with Friends, will take turns alternating between guessing words and creating their own word puzzles. But more is at stake than just being right--how about falling into a pit of lava? That's just a glimpse of what Zynga with Friends VP and GM Paul Bettner showed us during a preview.