British bingo drops from Bollywood land in 'Zapak Tambola'

Zapak Tambola
It seems that in India, they love a game called "Tambola", which is basically their version of the British game "Housie". And that, in turn, closely resembles our American "Bingo". Now, a major gaming portal, Zapak, brings the first Housie game to Facebook -- Zapak Tambola.

Maybe I just don't get Tambola, but it seems to be something best played in the real world. It's not that Zapak didn't create a great game. They gave you everything you need to play Tambola online. But I don't think Tambola is something to be play online. Because sitting in a chatroom waiting for numbers to appear is just terribly dull. On top of that, you can't direct your attention to anything else but waiting on these random numbers. But if you want to give it a try, then read on, I've got you covered.
Zapak Tambola scores
First off, let me tell you how Tampola works, because Zapak's game certainly isn't going to tell you (not even the "HELP" tab on the top of the game explains enough). Sure, it'll show you how to pick a chatroom, dress up your avatar, and buy tickets so you can start playing. But it won't tell you how to play. I got kicked out of rooms twice just for breaking rules I didn't even know.

So here's the gist: You join a chatroom. Any chatroom. You buy up to 6 cards, though you're best off with three. As the numbers are called, your cards will automatically get marked. If you get five numbers in a row at any point (top, middle, or bottom), you should hit the "CLAIM" button to claim some of that prize money. If you get every row, that's called a "Full House". If you're fast with your five matches, then you get "Fastest Five". Anytime you click "CLAIM" for an incorrectly filled row, you get warned. After two warnings, you're kicked out of the room. There's five slots on the winners board and you can nail them all. The game continues until all the prize money has been collected.

What's the point of the prize money? It's just so you can afford to buy more tickets and dress up your avatar in nice clothes.
Zapak Tambola costumes
Finally, the chatrooms are obviously places where you can talk to people. But everyone will be so preoccupied with the game, you're not going to get much banter going there.

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