The Sims Social: Yup, The Sims is finally coming to Facebook

the sims social sims facebook
the sims social sims facebook

Ever since Electronic Arts decided to get into the business of social gaming -- the big question has always been -- when will the company's most popular PC game -- The Sims -- be making the jump to Facebook? Looks like the answer to that is 'soon.' Today, EA announced that The Sims will be coming to Facebook and will be titled The Sims Social. See the game's debut trailer below.

Inside Social Games also uncovered a few more details on the upcoming game -- here are a few highlights:

- You will, like the regular Sims games, custom create your own Sim
- Instead of interacting with computer-controlled Sims, your sim will interact with the Sims created by your Facebook friends
- Will include social interactions from the game, but certain interactions (like making Woo-Hoo) will require consent from your friends
- The Sims Social will be free-to-play, but you will have the option to buy additional decor and other items
- As you play, your Sims will level up (and if you want to start over with a clean slate, they can do so for a nominal fee)

Right now, the only other details that we have on the game is that it will be available 'soon' -- stay tuned for more information as soon as its available. But to be there when it launches and to gain access to exclusive game freebies, you can join the game's official Facebook fan page here.

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