Sony PS Vita to scrap with Nintendo 3DS this year, starting at $249

Sony PlayStation Vita
Sony PlayStation Vita

Remember the NGP that Sony announced a few months back? It was confirmed tonight during the company's E3 2011 keynote event that it's actually called the PlayStation Vita, and it will be headed into your hands this year starting at $249. The PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PlayStation Portable (not to be confused with the PlayStation Phone) with full button controls, an OLED touch screen and touch pad in the back as well as two cameras and six-axis gyroscopic control. That's quite a bit of features for $249, but we forgot to mention that it's WiFi-capable ... and there's a 3G+WiFi model for $299.

The handheld console will meet Nintendo's new 3DS handheld face-to-face, in a, well, face-off for the winner of this generation's handheld gaming war. Well, unless Apple has anything to say about it, which announced several new features for its upcoming iOS 5 operating system at it's WWDC 2011 event coincidentally running this week as well. This year's E3 truly is setting the stage for the coming years of gaming in all forms. Tomorrow, Nintendo reveals its hand, so have your eyes glued here tomorrow for more coverage.

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