Playdom's City of Wonder on iPhone: Conquer the world wherever

City of Wonder iPhone
Looking for a taste of world domination on the go? Of course you are, you tyrant you. Luckily for you, Playdom has released City of Wonder, it's Civilization-like empire-building Facebook game, to iOS devices. And better yet, it's absolutely free. (Though, Playdom couldn't help themselves but throw in some micro-transactions as well.) However, unlike Zynga's version of FarmVille for iPhone, this edition of CoW is not Facebook-connected.

For Playdom to release a dedicated mobile app and neglect to include Facebook Connect could be telling of where the company is headed. Keep in mind, Playdom has had limited success on Facebook save the recent Gardens of Time, so a refocusing on mobile might be a good idea for its survival. Then again, we've no idea what the company is up to, and this might simply be an experiment in a relatively new market for Playdom.

The game features full animation and much of the same dynamics you've come to love in CoW. (Scratch that: We've come to love--it was on our list of Top Facebook Games in 2010.) The game appears to source a network of iPhone players for friends, creating another Facebook-like dynamic of helping friends and potentially harming them later. The game also seems to feature full research trees and its very own economy. This is City of Wonder for Facebook, but on your iPhone ... and without the Facebook.

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