Moshi Monsters, home to Dustbin Bieber, reaches 50 million kids

Dustbin Bieber
Dustbin Bieber

Well, in theory, unless a swathe of middle-aged mothers with intense inner-children are skewing the numbers. Moshi Monsters, a Facebook game released by London-based Mind Candy for 6 to 12-year-old kids, has scored 50 million registered accounts. The home to adorable celebrity parodies like Dustbin Bieber Beaver (What? This stuff grows on you after a while.) and kid-oriented play has certainly reached an impressive milestone. According to Mind Candy only 15 million of those registered accounts are from North America, meaning the company has quite the global reach.

Now that the news has broke, Mind Candy can confidently announce that Moshi Monsters are getting the Angry Birds treatment. Of course, that means the Moshi are headed into the worlds of "toys, books, video games, trading cards and a Moshi magazine within the UK and Australia," Mind Candy said in a statement. Even more intriguing than a magazine surrounding the game is the use of the words "video game," implying that more games will be released outside of Facebook.

Could Moshi Monsters transform into the Angry Birds of Facebook before they even land on the platform? Who knows, but keep in mind that "registered accounts" is not synonymous with "active players," as shown by AppData. In other words, it's entirely possible, but now is time for Moshi Monsters to bring out the big guns. Speaking of "big guns" (enough with the quotes already, sheesh), Mind Candy provided us with Exhibit A behind the break, so enjoy Lady Goo Goo's "The Moshi Dance"--last time, promise.

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