Want to work for Marriott Hotels? Play the Facebook game first

My Marriott
Employee training videos are so yesterday. Marriott Hotels has made a Facebook game, titled My Marriott, that's said to release this week with the intention of attracting potential employees to apply to become a member of the Marriott team, Wall Street Journal reports. We had no idea there was such a demand for hotel employees, but alas, here we are, recruiting them through ... Facebook games. And we're not sure whether Facebook games have the same gripping effect on gamers as the US military might have with its America's Army PC shooter, but we'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

The game enlists players in running the kitchen at a Marriott Hotel, and the general play looks a lot like Facebook staples Cafe World and Restaurant City. However, Marriott told WSJ in a detailed interview that the game will be "more realistic." The company says it will roll out other aspects of running Marriott hotels later on, but expect to be commandeering cooks at the Marriott kitchen this week. Until then, check out WSJ's full preview of the game right here.

[Image Credit: Wall Street Journal]

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