Mafia Wars Live: Blue-Eyed Nate discusses new Fight System [Video]


Do you love news directly from the source? How about news ... with pictures! The third episode of Mafia Wars Live is, well, live now on the Mafia Wars Blog. In this edition, Zynga community representative Blue-Eyed invited team member "Month" onto the show to chat about the all-new Fight system in the combat Facebook game. But that's far from all the duo discussed in the 37-minute-long video cast. Of course, Nate and Month answered chat room questions and teased some upcoming features as well. Interested in hearing the two discuss the legitimacy of scripts too? Then click the play button on the video above, kick back and enjoy. But probably over lunch--this is a nice and long chat.

How are you liking the new Fight System (if you have access), or how about the new War presentation? Are you a fan of video podcasts? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.