John Malkovich's Prague Hotel Room Robbed

John Malkovich's Prague Hotel Room Robbed

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Actor John Malkovich was the victim of a robbery when his Prague hotel room was broken into Friday.

Malkovich was in the Czech city performing in "Infernal Comedy" at the Prague Spring music festival Thursday. He was staying at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

"We can confirm than an investigation is under way in the case of the disappearance of Mr Malkovich's personal belongings," a spokeswoman for the Mandarin Oriental told Reuters.

Two phones were taken from the room, reports the news agency.

The Czech Republic as a whole, however, remains a very safe place to visit. According to the United States Department of State, the country has a low crime rate. Tourists should be most aware of pick-pocketers and muggers in major tourist areas, like in most European locales.

The State Department cautions visitors to Prague to be especially aware in restaurants, train stations, and on public transportation around the city center.

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