FarmVille Mystery Game (06/05/11): Add new Rams to your Sheep Breeding catalog

If you've been wanting to add some new patterns of Rams to your Sheep Breeding outfit in FarmVille, this week's Mystery Game will allow you to do just that, as it is comprised entirely of multi-colored Rams, each in a different pattern. However, don't get too excited - you won't be receiving a discount over purchasing these types of Rams in the market, as this week's Mystery Game has an incredibly high dart price: 30 Farm Cash each.

For that price, you'll have a chance to win one of six Rams:

Hooded Ram
Masked Ram
Red Dots Ram
Sploch Ram
Stripes Ram
Yellow Stars Ram

Unfortunately, just because you get a Ram of a specific pattern, remember that you won't be guaranteed to receive Lambs that have that pattern as well. Furthermore, the only real chance you'll have of passing on the color of these Rams is if the Ewe you mate with has a partially matching color as well. Will these Rams be worth a purchase then? That will ultimately be up to you to decide, but if you've ever wanted six different patterns right at your fingertips - here's your best chance.

Will you play this week's Mystery Game for a Ram? Which type of Ram are you hoping to win? Sound off in the comments.
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