FarmVille Irish Trees: Giant Boom, Giant Gorse, Service and Wild Service Trees


It's not everyday, or every FarmVille update, that we see four new trees being released in the store at the same time, but such is the case with tonight's release. Four new trees have been added to the current Irish limited edition item theme, with two simply be giant versions of the Boom and Gorse Trees that were launched last week.

Appropriately, these are the Giant Boom and Giant Gorse Trees, and both will cost your 10 Farm Cash to purchase from the store (that's for each tree, unfortunately). If that price is too high for you, the plain Service Tree does cost less, at 5 Farm Cash. It's partner, the Wild Service Tree (which also happens to be the tree appearing from Mystery Seedlings) costs 10 Farm Cash as well, but again, it can be earned for free via a seedling, so there's really no reason to spend your Farm Cash in the store.

If you're going to buy these trees from the market, you have two weeks to do it, at which point you'll be limited to just the Mystery Seedling options, leaving these Level 1 trees (the Giant Gorse and Service Trees) out of your collection, potentially for good.

Will you purchase any of these Irish Trees for your farm? Are you just a tree collector, or do you like to master them as well? Let us know in the comments.