FarmVille Irish Decorations: Irish Windmill, Gerberas Flowerbed, Irish Fountain and more

Tonight's FarmVille update greatly expands upon the current Ireland limited edition item theme with two new buildings and four new decorations. All told, there are three items for both Farm Cash and coins, so you'll be able to pick and choose from the same amount of items depending on your wallet.

The two buildings are the Irish Castle and Irish Windmill. If the Irish Castle looks familiar, it should, as it was first seen in the St. Patrick's Day event back in March. While the price is still high at 45 Farm Cash, luckily, the price isn't higher than upon its first release. As for the Irish Windmill, you'll be set back 25 Farm Cash, but rest assured that this item isn't simply a re-coloring of previously released Windmills, as it does come with some added details and foliage for decorations.

Meet us behind the break for a complete look at the new decorations in this theme.

For the new decorations, only one costs Farm Cash, while the other three go for coins. The Irish Fountain costs 12 Farm Cash, but is a fairly large, three-tiered fountain that would make a statement in any virtual garden. Meanwhile, you can accessorize that garden with an Irish Garden Table for 50,000 coins, an Irish Flower Pot for 10,000 coins and Gerberas Flowerbed for 5,000 coins.

None of these items are that large, but luckily they're all cheap enough that you can buy multiple and really make a statement. Do it fast though - you'll only have two weeks to buy these from the market before they expire. Could we see them again? Perhaps, but do you really want to take that chance?

What do you think of these Irish buildings and decorations? Do you think they'll fit with your English Countryside items, or are they too different? Let us know in the comments.
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