FarmVille Irish Animals: Irish Cob Horse and Pochard Duck


Tonight's FarmVille update sees the launch of two animals in the Irish limited edition item theme. Don't be fooled though - only one of these animals is truly new, as we're seeing a re-release of an animal first seen back in March.

The truly new animal is the Pochard Duck, which costs 16 Farm Cash from the store. This duck nets you 1600 experience points for purchasing it, and it can be harvested every two days if not placed inside a Duck Pond. Meanwhile, the re-released animal is the Irish Cob Horse. If it looks familiar, you might have purchased one for your farm during the St. Patrick's Day event earlier this year.

If you missed your chance then, know that the Irish Cob Horse thankfully retains its price tag of 26 Farm Cash (that is, the price didn't go up, as we've seen in the past). Plus, you'll still have a chance of breeding an Irish Cob Foal from the adult if you place it in your Horse Stable, so nothing has changed there. Whether you're purchasing an additional Irish Cob Horse, or are just picking your first up, you'll only have the next two weeks to decide whether or not to buy one.

Did you purchase an Irish Cob Horse during the St. Patrick's Day event, or are you just picking one up this evening? Will you add the Pochard Duck to any of your Duck Ponds? Let us know in the comments.