FarmVille's 2nd Birthday is June 18, celebrate with farmers near you

FarmVille 2nd Birthday
FarmVille 2nd Birthday

Did you buy your present yet? If FarmVille were a girl, it would daddy's girl to Zynga, so it's only fitting for the father of the most iconic social lady game to date to ring its second birthday with a global bang. On June 18, the second year of FarmVille's existence in the Internet, over 2 thousand cities and 7 thousand players (as of this writing) are planning to meet up with their fellow farmers. Then, the drinks will flow, food will be feasted and celebrations will be had in honor of the ultimate Facebook addiction.

To join a meetup, all you have to do is search for your area--or an area you're digging on if you like to travel-- and click on the "Count me in!" button. If a meetup has not been made in your area, you can create and moderate your own. Most meetups have planners already, luckily, though you can volunteer your help to planners if you're feeling extra generous.

And don't worry, these things aren't going to be awkward, we promise. How am I so confident? Come on, even if you have nothing in common with the other people at your meetup, you all have the common denominator: FarmVille! Really, if only high school reunions had FarmVille in common.

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Have you signed up for a meetup in your area? What do you think of Zynga meetups? How else will you celebrate FarmVille's birthday? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.