Cafe World Renaissance Feast Catering Order: Everything you need to know

While it seems many Cafe World users would prefer if Zynga slowed down on the game's many, many updates for new goals, building projects and catering orders, Zynga just hasn't listened. Tonight is no exception, as yet another Catering Order has come forward in the form of the Renaissance Feast.

This Catering Order is one of many that allows you just three days to earn a full three-star rating, so you'll want to meet us behind the break to see the three dishes and two collectible item tasks you'll need to complete to finish this one in time.

To complete the Renaissance Feast, you'll need to serve Royal Feast (a 12-hour dish) 216 times, Dino Drumstick (a 13-hour dish) 284 times and Blood Sausage (a six-hour dish) 88 times. While none of these dishes take an extremely long amount of time to cook, they're required in such quantities that it still makes this particular Catering Order far from easy to complete.

In addition to these three cooking tasks, you'll need to collect 42 items: 21 each of Victorian Dresses and Victorian Hats. These items are earned by asking your friends to send you them, or you can purchase a single unit of each collectible for 4 Cafe Cash each.

If you can finish this Catering Order within three days, you'll receive the 3-star rating, 12 Catering Points, 6,300 Cafe Points, 75,000 coins and the Ole Turkey Leg recipe. Unfortunately, you'll be required to earn the three-star rating in order to unlock this new recipe, but if you don't quite manage to finish within three days (but still finish within five days), you'll receive 2-stars, 8 Catering Points, 4500 Cafe Points and 50,000 coins. Finally, if you finish at any point after the first five days you'll receive just a single star, 4 Catering Points, 2700 Cafe Points and 30,000 coins.

All told, this Renaissance Feast Catering Order falls somewhere in the middle in terms of difficulty. You'll be able to ask up to 15 of your friends to help you out, and with a little determination, you should be able to work this one out in time.

What do you think of this Renaissance Feast Catering Order? Will you attempt to complete it by yourself, or will you ask for all of the help you can get? Let us know in the comments.
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