FarmVille: Giant Boom and Wild Service Trees appearing from Mystery Seedlings


Here's something interesting for your Sunday morning: Not only have FarmVille players begun receiving Wild Service Trees from Mystery Seedlings (something we expected to happy based on recent unreleased images), but you can also now earn a Giant Boom Tree from a Mystery Seedling as well. I have to admit this one is a surprise, as we had no evidence that Zynga had even created a giant version of this already released tree!

We can expect, then, that the Giant Boom Tree will accompany the Wild Service Tree when it (presumably) launches in the market this evening, but that also leaves us with a question: Will a Giant Gorse Tree also launch? Either way, we'll make sure to let you know exactly what does launch in the game tonight, so keep checking back!

Have you received either a Wild Service or Giant Boom Tree from Mystery Seedlings on your farm, or those claimed by friends? Let us know in the comments.