GoodGuide Ranks the Best and Worst Baby Foods

Baby food ratings
Baby food ratings

Concerns about the eating habits of American children are constantly in the headlines, whether it's the ballooning obesity epidemic among youngsters or bans on Happy Meals to encourage fast food chains to serve healthier food.

Baby food, however, rarely makes the news, so we turned to our partner, GoodGuide, to find out more about just which products hit the top -- and bottom -- of the charts. As part of its ongoing quest to help consumers find healthy, green, ethical products based on scientific ratings, the company reviewed and rated more than 800 baby food products, including baby formula, baby cereal, baby juice, toddler snacks and first-, second- and third-stage baby food.

Which products earned the coveted -- and not so coveted -- spots? Homemade Baby Piwi Baby Food was the top-ranked choice, while Beech-Nut Stage 3 Oatmeal & Pears Cereal finished last. Find out more about who made the best- and worst-ranked lists of baby food products.