FrontierVille: Land expansions discounted; expand now for cheap


If you've yet to upgrade your FrontierVille homestead to either the 35 x 35 or 37 x 37 size, you can now purchase these third and fourth land expansion missions for 30% off the normal price (the original price was 1,000 coins for early adopters). Unfortunately, this doesn't change the requirements for each land expansion's set of missions, but any time we can save some coins in FrontierVille, I'll gladly jump on board.

For a complete guide to completing each land expansion, check out our guides:

35 x 35 Land Expansion Missions
37 x 37 Land Expansion Missions

Remember, once you reach these two levels, you can move right ahead into the 39 x 39 Colossal Land Expansion that just launched this week.

What have you done with all of your expansions in FrontierVille? Do you use them to grow crops? Hold buildings or extra decorations? Raise a debris garden? Sound off in the comments.