FrontierVille Hitchin' Rail Collection will let you grow your Red Roses faster

While you're busy trying to help Hank and Fanny find wedded bliss in FrontierVille, remember to continually collect the Daily Bonus from your new Hitchin' Rail "building." This Hitchin' Rail and Wedding Wagon combo allows you to earn a set of five new collectibles in the Hitchin' Rail Collection, with the prize being fairly romantic.

Here are the five new items to keep an eye out for as you play:

Spare Wheel
Wagon Canopy
Packing Crates
Strong Box
Canopy Rib

Sure, these five items are less than beautiful, and don't really speak of romance or weddings, but the prize for completing this collection sure does. You'll receive five Red Rose Ready Boosts, allowing you to plant up to five Red Roses and instantly grow them to harvest, say for the Love is in the Air goals that require you to collect Red Rose collectibles, only earned by harvesting that particular flower. Even if you save them for another use, just make sure you're dedicated in your "Daily Bonus" collecting, and you're bound to finish this one in time.

What do you think of the Hitchin' Rail collection? Are you upset that the collectibles aren't more floral or "wedding" themed? Or, does the fact that they aren't mean that another, different wagon might be pulling up to the Rail in the future as well? Speculate with us in the comments.
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