FrontierVille: Animal ready boosts ignore livestock in storage


Believe it or not, not everything is coming up roses with FrontierVille's animal storage buildings, as users on the game's official forums have discovered that the use of Animal Ready Boosts does nothing to those animals inside either the Livestock Pen or the Big Barn.

Why is this a problem? Think of all of those goals that require you to tend a specific number of animals on your Homestead. If you have a goal that requires you to tend 50 Oxen, for instance, and you only have 25 Oxen on your land, you might feel compelled to use an Animal Ready Boost to finish the goal without having to wait for the Oxen to become hungry again on their own. So, you use an Animal Ready Boost, but wait - it did nothing, because all of your Oxen are inside the Big Barn. Not only have you now wasted one of the best Boosts in the game, but you'll also have to pull every single Oxen out of your Big Barn and use the Boost again to actually have it work.

Is this a game-breaker? Probably not, but it's an inconvenience to say the very least. The same can be said for the Orchard, in that Tree Boosts don't help to make those trees ready either. It looks like Zynga didn't think these two buildings through, as this isn't the first time we've seenproblems with either. We can just hope that they fix the issues plaguing our new storage buildings before it's too late.

Have you wasted Animal Ready Boosts because you needed to "ready" animals that were in storage? Sound off in the comments.