Empires & Allies Cheats & Tips: Quickly see what your neighbors have for sale


As you make it to level 10 and beyond in Empires & Allies, you might be left with quests that asks you to purchase certain materials from your friends' markets (buildings you can use to sell excess Metals, Oil and so on), or you may simply want to purchase some extra Oil to always have a full supply (as one example). But, do you really want to visit each and every one of your friends to see what they're selling?

Sure, the game loads fairly quickly, but what if you have already accumulated dozens of neighbors? Visiting each one would definitely be a time consuming process, but luckily there's a streamlined way to see who is selling what, and when. All you'll need to do is click on the "My Neighbors" tab above the Empires & Allies gameplay area. From there, you'll see a list of all of your current neighbors in the game, along with a section that shows you visually what each friend has for sale.

As you can see above, I currently have the option of buying Oil or Gold from two friends. I would then simply look at which friend is selling the Oil or Gold and then manually visit them back in the game. Sure, it would be great if Zynga released an overall marketplace, like the Bushels marketplace in FarmVille, that lets you shop from all friends at once, but for now, keep this tip in mind to save yourself time when looking for extra materials.

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