CityVille river expansion will require us to build the bridge


The saga of the CityVille bridge and land expansion has been given one more bit of clarity, as Edgar's death-defying helicopter ride is over, only to be replaced by a tiny construction crew sitting on the land opposite of the river. While we haven't been able to access this land up until now, due to a lack of a bridge, it looks like that will all be changing sooner, rather than later, as one of the construction crew is holding up a sign of a bridge!

If you click on this trio of workers, you'll see an informative pop-up that tells us in order to expand, you'll need to have at least 5,000 citizens living in your town - time to start building more Community Buildings and Residences! We've also been given the hint that we'll need to gather building materials for our "biggest project yet," presumably because we'll be responsible for building the bridge ourselves - steal rods and cables anyone?

Have you already reached the 5,000 population required for the bridge expansion? When do you think Zynga will pull the trigger on all of this new land? Sound off in the comments.