Zynga giveth the FarmVille Craftshop, then taketh it away (for repairs)

FarmVille Craftshop down
Aw, don't cry guys. Seriously stop it, you're freaking us out. Besides, the Craftshop will return to FarmVille once it's been ... repaired. Zynga released the innards of the new crafting building last night, but just as quickly took them away as players reported several issues with the feature, FarmVille Freak reports. Now, the "Coming Soon" promotional loading screen has returned for the Craftshop with no word on when it will return, if at all. (Kidding! We're sure it's coming back at some point ... we hope.)

Players on the FarmVille forums have reported that, when the feature was still live, it was terribly glitched. Forum contributor Sandy7226 writes, "I just tried to make a Love Potion, it went OOS, now it says 'Coming Soon.'" While some players are now enjoying the feature, is appears more than not are seeing the taunting "Coming Soon" message.

Not to mention some farmers are even questioning the merit of the feature. "Why would I want to make things I can get from gifts or SDB's," emhk13 writes. "Don't like the fences, don't want a moat, a horse statue or a modern table. Maybe love potions, but that's a lot of bushels and a lot of time to invest in one bottle." Perhaps Zynga pulled the feature to make not only some bug fixes, but--one would hope, at least--some improvements as well.

Are you bummed that the Craftshop feature went away, or are you saying, "good riddance?" How would you change the Craftshop? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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