SOE sells Dungeon Overlord to Night Owl Games, game to launch out of beta this summer


We first brought you a detailed look at Dungeon Overlord, then Sony Online Entertainment's hardcore strategy title on Facebook, back in January. Since its launch, Dungeon Overlord peaked at a high of just 90,000 monthly players, and has now plummeted down to 27,000 monthly average users, according to AppData (let's not forget that a recent service outage could be blamed for some of the drop). Whether Sony is just trying to escape a sinking ship, or if it's trying to place the game in more capable hands, we don't know, but what we do know is that the company has now announced that it has sold all rights of Dungeon Overlord to Night Owl Games, the developer of the project.

Determined to keep the game alive, Night Owl Games hopes to further user experiences in "new and exciting ways," according to a company press release. While there were no new details as to what new features would be added to the game to achieve that goal, we do know that the game will officially be taken out of beta into a full launch sometime this summer. Hopefully, an ad campaign will accompany the launch, helping to raise user numbers.

In the meantime, if you've yet to play Dungeon Overlord for yourself, you can jump right into the game and take part in the changes/additions as Night Owl Games makes them.

Are you a fan of Dungeon Overlord on Facebook? What would make you come back to the game, if you once played but have now left? Sound off in the comments.

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