Keeping Up With the Joneses: World's Priciest Rehab Palaces

Passages Malibu
Passages Malibu

The rich, powerful and addicted are often willing to pay big bucks to get clean and sober -- but just how much? DailyFinance checked out three of the priciest dry-out retreats in the world. One month's bill at any of the following would be enough to scare many of us straight. (Note that the list in no way rates the facilities' effectiveness.)

1. Passages Malibu in California charges $88,500 for one month of habit-kicking that includes hypnotherapy, massage and a room for arts and crafts. There's even a stage. (Isn't that what landed some of these showbiz types here in the first place?) If you're feeling thrifty, you can bunk with a roommate for $67,500. David Hasselhoff, Mel Gibson, Pauly Shore, Stephen Baldwin, Andy Dick, Mischa Barton, Brandon Davis and Marc Jacobs have reportedly slept here.

2. The Sanctuary in Byron Bay, Australia, offers beachfront bungalows, acupuncture, yoga and meditation for a less-than-soothing $100,000 Australian ($93,958 U.S.) a month, according to Australia Women's Weekly. Bad-girl model Kate Moss is among the fab crowd to have checked in, perhaps lured in part by the private limo and chef.

3. Where else can you refine your tennis game and break serve on substance abuse -- all for up to $90,000 a month? Promises in Malibu boasts 580-thread-count sheets and a celebrity guest list rich in Q rating: Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Britney Spears, Diana Ross and Matthew Perry. Sounds like an ideal spot for recovering producers.

Honorable Mention:

Even though four weeks at the former Beau Monde (now Prive Swiss) could run $96,000 a month for a private floor, the space is reportedly booked year-round. These deluxe detoxes in Southern California and Connecticut serve up haute cuisine and stunning views, but clients are really paying for privacy. When was the last time you heard about your favorite train-wreck celebrity checking in here? The cost is often more to the taste of industry and Wall Street titans, who have both the over-the-top wealth and jobs that demand a low-profile recovery. Plus, there are only a few residents at a time, decreasing the potential for patients to tattle on their fellow guests. The place hasn't completely avoided tabloid attention, however. Nicole Richie stayed at the Beau Monde for an eating disorder, and actor/rocker Courtney Love battled the Beau over an unpaid $180,000 bill.

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