FarmVille Sneak Peek: Service Tree and Wild Service Tree


A new pair of trees looks to be coming to FarmVille's Irish item theme. The pair is the Service Tree and Wild Service Tree. Never heard of them? It turns out that both trees are native to Europe, giving them a proper place in this theme. The big question remaining here is which of the two trees will be cheaper, and which will be available as a Mystery Seedling when both are ultimately released in the game's store.

My guess? I'd throw my wager towards the Service Tree costing either 5 or 7 Farm Cash, while the Wild Service Tree will likely be the level 2 tree, available for either 10 or 12 Farm Cash. Sure, that's speculation at this point, but it's a pretty good guess all the same. We'll just have to see if I'm right when these trees release in full (likely Sunday evening). Just don't hold it against me if I'm wrong, eh?

Do you like the look of these two new trees? Are you glad Zynga has started releasing more realistic trees in the game, or do you want a return of the whimsical, impossible-in-real-life trees? Let us know in the comments.