FarmVille Sneak Peek: FarmVille's Second Birthday items


FarmVille's second birthday is coming up, and don't think for a second that the team at Zynga will let you forget it. It looks like in the coming days or weeks, we'll be seeing a whole roundup of birthday-themed activities and items being released in the game. First and foremost, we've come across a set of unreleased images that may or may not be entirely related to the birthday celebration, but as they really have no other theme, it screams "Birthday Countdown."

If that's the case, it's likely we'll see some, if not all of these items released as daily prizes for playing the game or completing some task during the birthday celebration period. Either way, the items are the Cowprint Balloon Arch, a Blue Duckling, Red Duckling, Rainbow Duck, FarmVille Haybale, Doghouse and Bluebird. The FarmVille Haybale, Cowprint Balloon Arch and Bluebird in particular scream of a party or of a FarmVille celebration, especially with two of them being in the FarmVille standard blue and orange colors.

Of course, we're still in a speculation phase at this point, as it's still unknown just how Zynga will celebrate FarmVille's second birthday in-game and elsewhere. Make sure to keep checking back with us, as we update you with all of the news as it happens. Get ready to wish FarmVille a Happy Birthday!

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What do you think of a FarmVille Birthday Countdown? In what other ways would you like to see FarmVille celebrate turning a year older? Sound off in the comments.