FarmVille: Capital One in-game promotion offers Visigoth costumes and double mastery


In addition to the new three free Farm Cash Capital One activity (say that three times fast!) currently available in FarmVille, there are additional in-game items that fit in with this newest cross-promotion. For one, you can now "purchase" two Visigoth Costumes for your avatar from the store. There's a costume for either men or women, and they are free to add to your wardrobe. You will, however, have to go into the store and go through the act of "purchasing" them (for zero coins) to complete the deal. And yes, you can buy both the male and female costumes regardless of your avatar's gender.

As for the rest of this promotion, it's something I think you're really going to like. You'll be able to add a Capital One Visigoth Statue to your farm that will activate double mastery for a period of seven days after its placed (yes, this too is free). While the statue is still rolling out to users, the costumes should be there for the taking. My guess is a technical glitch or other issue has slowed the release of the statue (not surprising, since it will change the game's farming mechanic for a period), but we have a full image of what the statue looks like at right. We also know that the statue will be available in the game's store, so keep refreshing until you find one for yourself!

Have you found the Visigoth Statue in your in-game market, or are only the costumes thus far available to you? What do you think of these two costumes? Will you dress your avatar up as in a Visigoth Costume? Let us know in the comments.