Dungeons and Dragons is headed for Facebook: No d20 required!

Dungeons and DragonsSorry, but you won't be needing that gold-threaded dice bag real soon, because D&D is coming to Facebook, Inside Social Games reports. The legendary console developer, Atari, Liquid Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast is expecting to launch Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter this summer on Facebook. Of course, the game will be free (sorry for you vets that have already spent hundreds on this stuff) and support micro-transactions.

According to ISG, the game is actually being developed in advance of another presumably more robust online game in the same universe, titled Neverwinter. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this could be the first Facebook game to promote another MMO--the line continues to blur.

But on to the good stuff. In addition to custom character creation and progression across over 50 single player dungeons, an interesting AI option for your friend's avatars (this appears to be asynchronous, folks) and all the sweet loot you love the franchise for did we mention that the game is free? Seriously, have you seen how much those books cost? Insanity (That starter set was a gift, OK?). Atari revealed much more about this Facebook-nerdery in a full-on preview of Heroes of Neverwinter with ISG, so go read it in full here.

[Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast]

Would you be psyched to play a game like this, even if you're not a D&D nut? Do you think this game could get you hyped for the next Neverwinter (i.e. do you think these types of games are effective)? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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