Cafe World Pastry Station: Everything you need to know

Perhaps in celebration of National Doughnut Day, Zynga has released a new Pastry Station in Cafe World, allowing you create all sorts of customizable, specialty desserts in your cafe. Like the Sous Chef Station, you'll need to hire a crew to work at your Pastry Station to speed up your activities (yes, you can technically go it alone, but isn't the game better with friends?).

Unlike the Sous Chef Station, however, this Pastry Station will allow for true interaction amongst friends, as you'll be able to customize the writing on top of new cakes. Your crew can suggest what should be written on top of the cake, and then you get to choose a winner from the responses provided. But wait! Before you can get to all of this sweet pastry goodness, you'll first need to build the Pastry Station to completion, using four building materials that you can learn more about behind the break.

To complete your Pastry Station, you'll need to collect four items: eight each of Pastry Panels and Racks, four Baking Trays and six Handles. Interestingly, the Pastry Panels and Handles are earned by posting a general news item on your wall, while the Racks and Baking Trays are earned through individual gift requests sent to your friends.

Once you finish building the Pastry Station, you'll be able to cook the Sixties Cake, a new recipe that takes one day to complete. It's only after you choose which dish you'd like to prepare that you'll hire your crew: up to six people, for this particular example. These cake dishes can be mastered, just as other recipes can, and the more crew members you add to each dish as it cooks, the more mastery points you'll earn when you serve it.

As you master level one of the Sixties Cake, you'll move onto the Birthday Cake, Seventies Cake and so on, with you being required to master other recipes in order to unlock the others. Luckily, that's all that's required, as there are no recipe-centric goals to complete, allowing you to finish this entire process by your lonesome if you choose. Again, asking friends to participate will speed up the process, but it is voluntary.

Again, currently there are no goals to complete associated with the Pastry Station, but we'll make sure to let you know if more are added in the future.

What do you think of this Pastry Station? Do you think our cafes are becoming to overwhelmed with items, or do you appreciate all of the added variety? Sound off in the comments.
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