A Gun for the Teacher: Whatever Happened to Apples?

gun teacher Talk about a parting shot -- A Florida schoolteacher received a loaded gun in an end-of-year appreciation gift from one of her students. It seems the .22-caliber handgun was buried at the bottom of a gift box full of toiletries and bath products.

The teacher, employed at Allamanda Elementary School in the Palm Beach County School District, was given the gift by her 8-year-old student's grandmother in the parking lot, after the students had been released Tuesday.

Authorities do not believe that the grandmother knew the box was loaded, according to UPI. It would appear some family member had hidden the gun, then forgotten about it. Or perhaps this is a testament to the perils of re-gifting.

In a statement, a district spokesperson said that the teacher found the loaded gun at the bottom of the box when she opened it at home later in the evening. There is currently an ongoing investigation into the incident.

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