Woman Screams the TSA 'Molested' Her after Pat Down


Here's a video that's hard to watch. A shaky hand-held camera records a shrieking woman who has just gone through security and yells that a TSA officer "just molested" her at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix on May 28th.

"For God sakes somebody help me!" screams the woman as she demands the TSA agent be arrested.

For the next ten minutes, her son Ryan records what unfolds from his perspective at the back of the security checkpoint.

TSA agents, a Southwest employee and the Phoenix Police ask him to turn off his camera, but fail to provide him with a statute of law that claims he cannot film in a public area. So the tape continues to roll.

Midway through the video, his mother – still hysterical – is escorted out of the screening area by Phoenix Police. Moments later his dad runs out with his belt around his neck looking for her. The two chase after her, but the video ends.

Watch the video of the hysterical mother below:

Obviously there is some missing information here. How could his mother not be clued in to the controversy surrounding the "enhanced" TSA pat down introduced last fall? And was her reaction a little extreme? We reached out to the man behind the camera for answers, and this is what he had to say:

"Prior to the camera rolling, I had just gone through the metal detector and gathered my belongings as quickly as possible because I had witnessed my mother opt-out of the body scanners and get taken to the "pat-down" area. I was able to witness the actual groping that took place because I had just pulled out my phone from my luggage carry-on."

Ryan goes on to explain that he had witnessed his mother's breasts being groped and that while his camera was off the TSA accused his family of being "hired actors" and interrogating them about who they work for.

"It's quite alarming when they perked up and claimed to know all of us because my father and I have had multiple confrontations with the TSA regarding the body scanners," says Ryan.

Which brings in an interesting twist: TSA drama seems to be a family affair. In January, Ryan posted a similar video with his father as the subject of a TSA interrogation.

Watch the video of the father being interrogated below. Be forewarned, there is graphic language in the video:

"It's going on YouTube, I was waiting for this," says the son after being confronted by a TSA officer for videotaping. The TSA employee then tries to cover the camera with a screening bin.

"I was prepared all day today," he adds, going on to compare the TSA to the Gestapo, the secret police of Nazi Germany.

"You are either going to be molested or micro-waved like a TV dinner," he says several times as if having rehearsed his spiel.

Ex-MTV VJ and former Miss USA Susie Castillo also took to video to explain her anti-TSA position last month.

Is this family standing up for their rights, or just trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame? You decide.

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