Uncool! Ice Cream Truck Driver Accused of Battering Boss

job interview Remember the ice cream truck drivers when you were a kid? Smiling, friendly, jolly uncle types who would give you prize tokens with your Popsicles? Some even sold your favorite candy, and would wait patiently while you painstakingly deliberated over your treat of the day. That was back before the term "anger issues" was even invented. Well, this article is about one ice cream truck driver who's lost his cool.

There are no reports on how 29-year-old Bernard Geisel acted around his young customers, but he's currently being held on a charge of literally being a smash with his boss. Geisel allegedly broke into his boss' home and started slugging him with a baseball bat. The assault is said to have occurred after a heated argument between the two over money, according to an article published on Salon.

Pennsylvania state police said that the victim, George Swaney of Uniontown, grappled with Geisel, and was able wrest the bat away from him and hold him down until police arrived. But this reportedly was not the first time Geisel's anger issues had caused a run-in with local police.

Just the week before, Geisel and another ice cream truck driver were involved in an altercation so loud and frightening that police were called in to stop it. The two drivers were given a verbal warning and told to simmer down.

Geisel currently is being held at Fayette County Prison after being arraigned Tuesday on charges including burglary and simple assault. His bail has been set at $25,000. It's doubtful he'll be back on the streets pushing ice cream any time soon -- if ever.

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