FrontierVille 39 x 39 Colossal Land Expansion Goals: Everything you need to know


Even after adding an Orchard or a Big Barn to your land in FrontierVille, are you still running out of room for all of your new decorations, buildings and crops? Even if you haven't yet (again) reached maximum capacity, Zynga is hoping to cut that off at the pass with the release of the 39 x 39 land expansion in the game. This land expansion looks to be mostly rolled out as of this writing, so you shouldn't have to wait very long to get started.

You'll be able to start the new expansion by purchasing its missions for 1,000 coins, but of course, you must already have your Homestead at the former maximum of 37 x 37 before you can move on (check out our guide to those missions if you need to catch up). You should get a pop-up like the one above the next time you login to the game, making things as streamlined as possible. There are five new goals in this land expansion series, but, as usual, you shouldn't expect them to be a cake walk. Meet us behind the break for a full guide.