FrontierVille 39 x 39 Colossal Land Expansion Goals: Everything you need to know

Even after adding an Orchard or a Big Barn to your land in FrontierVille, are you still running out of room for all of your new decorations, buildings and crops? Even if you haven't yet (again) reached maximum capacity, Zynga is hoping to cut that off at the pass with the release of the 39 x 39 land expansion in the game. This land expansion looks to be mostly rolled out as of this writing, so you shouldn't have to wait very long to get started.

You'll be able to start the new expansion by purchasing its missions for 1,000 coins, but of course, you must already have your Homestead at the former maximum of 37 x 37 before you can move on (check out our guide to those missions if you need to catch up). You should get a pop-up like the one above the next time you login to the game, making things as streamlined as possible. There are five new goals in this land expansion series, but, as usual, you shouldn't expect them to be a cake walk. Meet us behind the break for a full guide.The first of these five goals is called "Colossal Permits," and it asks you to collect just that from friends.

Collect 15 Colossal Permits
Sell 40 Adult Sheep
Harvest 75 Eggplants on your Homestead

If you've already built a Livestock Pen on your land, remember that you can sell Sheep from within the building to count towards your progress. You don't have to pull them out and sell them the old-fashioned way (thank goodness!). As for the Eggplants, they take just two hours to grow, so remember to protect them with a Wither Protection boost if you know you'll be away for longer than four hours. Either that, or simply use an Unwither Boost when you do return - whichever you have more of on-hand at the time. Finally, for the Colossal Permits, you'll need to send out individual requests to your friends to receive them. Finishing this first goal gives you a simple reward - 200 coins and 200 XP.

For Part II of V, things might become a bit more complicated, depending on how much space you have on your land for debris to grow.

Have or Craft 20 Fire
Have 1 Clover Blossom
Clear 10 Wildflowers

The Clover Blossom is part of the Clover Collection, so if you don't have one, at least Clover only takes five minutes to grow. As an aside, if you're still trying to hold out on completing the Canning Master Missions, remember that the second goal in that series asks you to have 15 Fire. If you've been throwing away Fire in an attempt to never reach 15, you'll need to pay for this step to complete so that you don't actually reach 15. Finishing this second goal gives you 300 XP, 300 coins and 20 Cloth, which you'll need shortly.

Part III of V has you harvesting - wait for it - 500 crops, along with two other tasks.

Have or Craft 7 Fancy Clothing
Harvest 500 crops
Clobber 3 Coyotes

Luckily, it doesn't appear to matter which crop you plant and harvest for this task, so feel free to plant 500 clover in multiple five-minute sittings to finish this one as quickly as possible. As for the Fancy Clothing, they are created using two Ribbon and two Clothes each. Clothes themselves come from the Cabin for 500 coins and six cloth each. For finishing this third goal, you'll receive 500 XP, 500 coins and 50 Food.

For Part IV of V, your progress might be slowed considerably, depending on how many fully grown (or at least partially grown) trees you have on your land.

Use Bear Cannon 8 Times
Have or Craft 5 Cake
Collect 25 Recommendations

Recommendations are earned via individual friend requests, while Cakes are crafted in the Inn. Each Cake requires two Fire and four Batter. Batter itself is created (also inside the Inn) for 20 Food and 900 coins each. Remember, to use the Bear Cannon, you'll need Powder Kegs, which are also a crafting item. You've got your work cut out for you here, but don't fret - you'll finish both tasks in time. For completing this quest, you'll receive 750 XP, 750 coins, and unlock access to purchasing the 39 x 39 expansion.

Finally, Part V of V, you'll be required to actually expand your land, with all three steps dealing with your Land Office.

Collect Three Daily Bonuses form the Land Office
Have 5 Land Grants
Buy 39 x 39 Land Expansion from the Land Office

Land Grants are crafted inside the Land Office for 5 Cloth and 2,000 coins each (as of this writing). That means that this expansion will ultimately cost you 1,000 coins (for the goals themselves) and the 10,000 coins for the Land Grants, on top of any other coins you'll expend in buying sheep, crops and so on. Still, for finishing this final goal, you'll not only expand your land, but you'll also receive 1,000 XP, 1000 coins and two Dinners as rewards.

After you've expanded your land, you'll have access to a variety of bonuses (that show up as black and white until you expand) including a Wellspring, an Ox of unknown color, six Mystery Animal Crates and a few decorations. I don't know about you, but those Mystery Animal Crates make me want to finish this expansion as fast as possible, just to see what's inside!

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Do you think these expansion goals are the most difficult we've seen thus far, or have we actually been given a break here? Sound off in the comments.
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