FarmVille Irish Trees: Boom Tree and Gorse Tree


Two new trees have hit the FarmVille marketplace this evening, both in the new Ireland item theme. The two trees are the Boom Tree and the Gorse Tree. Interesting names, right? The Gorse Tree costs 5 Farm Cash, while the Boom Tree is the level two option, meaning it costs more at 10 Farm Cash.

Remember, as usual, you don't have to buy both trees from the store, and can actually skip the Boom Tree altogether if you're a tree farmer, as you'll be able to earn a Boom Tree (eventually, yet randomly) as a Mystery Seedling from your Gorse Trees, or from those seedlings posted by your friends on their walls.

If you do plan to purchase these trees, you have just two weeks to do so, before they'll disappear, potentially not to be seen again.

What do you think of these two interestingly named trees? Which is your favorite, or will you buy both? Let us know in the comments.