FarmVille Irish Decorations: European Robins, Irish Library, Bench Set and more

Tonight's FarmVille update sees the release of two new buildings and four decorative items in the current Ireland limited edition item theme. This update's an unusual one, though, as two of the items are available under a limited time "sale." Remember, this isn't the first time Zynga has released new items and placed them immediately on sale, so you'll know that you're actually getting a bargain with these two items if you do decide to splurge.

The European Robins is a pair of decorative birds for 9 Farm Cash, while the Irish Library is a large building that costs only 18 Farm Cash. Currently, there isn't any marking letting us know when these sale prices will expire, so plan ahead if you have any interest in them whatsoever.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the other four items released this evening.

One other building is now available: an Irish Shop, which is actually one of the cutest buildings I can recall from recent memory. Sure, it's charming details will cost you, as the Irish Shop is priced at 20 Farm Cash, but if you have that lying around, I wouldn't blame you for making the splurge.

The other items are a picnic Bench Set for 15,000 coins, an Irish Stone Wall (covered in lovely yellow flowers) that costs 10,000 coins per piece and a grassy mound covered in Wild Crocus that costs 8,000 coins. All told, the coin items here aren't terribly exciting, although the Irish Stone Wall is quite lovely on its own (whether you currently have an Irish theme on your farm or not).

Whatever your opinion on these new items, all of them will leave the store in a matter of two weeks, so make sure to shop early and fast so as to not forget these items are there and then lose out on them when they expire.

What do you think of tonight's FarmVille update? Have you turned your farm into an Irish wonderland, or are you still stuck in GagaVille? Let us know in the comments.
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