FarmVille Irish Animals: Connemara Pony and Irish Hare


Tonight's FarmVille update brought with it two (technically three) new animals in the Connemara Pony and Irish Hare. Our prediction about the cost of the Connemara Pony has been proven correct, as it is now available for 24 Farm Cash. Remember, by purchasing one of these Ponies and placing it in your Horse Stable with a Stallion (ether wandering or permanent) you'll have a chance of breeding the Connemara Pony Foal that can be shared with friends. Even for a gray Pony, it's foal would still have to be cute, right?

Meanwhile, the Irish Hare is still a bit expensive, at 12 Farm Cash each. Will we ever see a day when new limited edition animals no longer solely cost Farm Cash? I doubt it, but we'll make sure to scream to the four corners (in excitement of course) if that day ever comes.

What do you think of these new Ireland-themed animals? Will you add the Connemara Pony to your collection in the game, or are you more interested in earning the foal from friends? Let us know in the comments.