FarmVille Country Bunnies Goal: Everything you need to know

Country Bunnies
Sure, bunnies are adorable, fluffy and all that good stuff. But you never know when this might happen, so watch your back! The final Goal to kick off Part 4 of the English Countryside expansion in FarmVille is here. Known as "Country Bunnies," this Goal tasks us with helping Olivia the Dairy Farmer wrangle up her favorite animal--you guessed it--bunnies. Start saving your Shovels now, as this Goal takes a lot of digging.

  • Harvest 100 Radishes
  • Dig your Storage Cellar to 50
  • Buy 1 Country Mini Hedge

To harvest 100 Radishes, you'll need at least 9,000 coins and 18 hours of your time. Unless you have some Instant Grow (or Farm Cash) lying around, of course. To dig your Storage Cellar all the way down to Level 50, you will need at least 25 Shovels.
You can either buy them for Farm Cash or request from your friends. The Country Mini Hedge is a 200-coin decoration from the Market. Once you finish this fourth and final Goal, 200 XP, Bunny Ears for your avatar and 2,500 coins are yours.

[Source and Image Credits: FarmVille Freak]

Have you reached this Goal yet or completed it? What tips might you have for finishing this up faster? Are you flaunting your new Bunny Ears already? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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