FarmVille Blooming Great Goal: Everything you need to know


A new goal has launched in FarmVille's English Countryside this evening, and it sees Agatha looking to replicate the lovely flower gardens she's seen in the past on your own farm. This goal, as you might have guessed, asks you to plant flowers - three different flowers, to be exact.

Harvest 50 Spring Squill
Harvest 50 Bluebells
Harvest 50 Cornflower

All told, this isn't a lot of crops, and you can easily split your progress into different days, if you don't want to dedicate 150 plots to the goal all at once. Bluebells cost 120 coins and take 12 hours to grow, Cornflower costs 90 coins and takes 16 hours to grow, and finally, Spring Squill is another 12-hour crop, costing 140 coins per square. For finishing this goal, you'll receive four Spring Flowerbeds, 200 XP and 2,500 coins.

While this goal doesn't actually move us any farther along on the English Countryside map, it does give us something to work on in the meantime, so I suppose we can't really complain.

Have you started this English Countryside goal yet, or are you still a few buildings behind in terms of overall progress? Let us know what think of this quest and its rewards in the comments.