Empires & Allies RewardVille items: Redeem zCoins for homes, decorations and a Zynga Zeppelin


I hope you've been saving up your zCoins in Zynga's RewardVille loyalty program, as Empires & Allies has taken over! Zynga's newest game has been given the full RewardVille treatment, including three pages of goodies that can be unlocked in your own game if you have enough zCoins to spend.

Most of the RewardVille prizes are homes and decorations, but they are items that can't be found in the game's store proper, so they're something to keep in mind if you want to show off to your friends. As usual, every game in the RewardVille program has been given a free item, with Empires & Allies' being the Small Modern House [pictured at right], a dwelling that adds 80 citizens to your population.

Along with the many decorations that are also available (standing Tikis, topiaries, fountains, etc.), you can also outfit your island's Air Force division with the ultimate in Empires & Allies weaponry - the Zynga Zeppelin. This unit has 100 strength in battle, but it doesn't come cheap. First, you'll need to be level 70 in RewardVille to even access it, and then you'll need to shell out 200 of your hard-earned zCoins to actually add one to your game.

For a complete (visual) look at the Empires & Allies RewardVille items, meet us behind the break.