Zynga's Empires & Allies: Complete Guide to the first 10 Missions


Atten-TION privates! Zynga's Empires & Allies is now live on Facebook, and there's a war to be won! We've gone right to work in the social giant's newest title to bring you a complete guide to how to get started completing missions in this Risk-inspired battle for the ages! While there are plenty of activities for you to take part in throughout the game - producing wood and oil to create homes and military units, battling in full-screen combat against cleverly named villains, and bringing your destroyed island nation back to life (just to name a few) - one of the biggest time-sinks in the game will be the completing of missions.

Want to see what to expect from the game's first ten missions? Meet us behind the break to start on your road to domination!

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