RockYou gobbles up 3 Blokes (Studios) for combat Facebook games

Galactic Trader
Galactic Trader

No, Redwood City, Calif.-based social game publisher RockYou did not eat three British folk, but purchased Australian game developer 3 Blokes Studios for an undisclosed amount, TechCrunch reports. The studio has created four Facebook games to date including the 200 thousand-strong Galactic Trader (pictured). 3 Blokes will operate remotely and create combat strategy social games for the publisher to combat opponents like Kabam, Firaxis and even Zynga with its Empires & Allies release.

We can't help but notice how RockYou is rapidly adapting to the competition. First, it signs on a big-time designer like John Romero with Loot Drop (Zynga has Brian Reynolds), then it begins to buy up smaller studios to increase its development strength and diversity (Zynga bought 14 companies in 12 months). No details on specific games were announced, but we're sure that, if RockYou really wants to compete, they'll be just as strong as the rest.

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