Richard 'Lord British' Garriott scores $3.6M in Portalarium funding

Richard Garriott
Richard Garriott

The Ultima name rings strong in the ears of investors (we guess) as its creator Richard Garriott has raised $3.6 million in funding for his Austin, Texas-based start up, Portalarium. VentureBeat reports that much of funding came from m8 Capital in the U.K. and San Francisco's Founders Fund based on the aim that Garriott will exploit the business opportunities in the social games business.

There's an "E" word we don't like hearing too often, but judging from an interview regarding his company earlier this year, it appears that he intends to make Ultima-grade experiences on Facebook. Regardless, who isn't in this industry to make a few bucks--as long as he makes some fun, perhaps genuine, Facebook games, we're all peachy keen.

"We are delighted to join Richard Garriott and the Portalarium team in creating the next great gaming company," Joseph Kim, partner at m8 Capital, said. "Richard is one of the giants of the industry. He's a proven entrepreneur and has been a driving force at each of the industry's major turning points." Yeah, yeah, but will it top orbiting Earth in space? Didn't think so.

[Image Credit: Richard Garriott]

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